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Turneville Road

Little Ondine is reimagining nail polish. Our new easy peel-off and odour-free nail polish gives you the choice to change your style and colour whenever, wherever you like. Not to mention, this new formula is made with natural ingredients, water, resin and minerals (colourants). We believe quality nail polish should make every woman’s manicure routine easy, healthy and stylish. 


Welcome to Little Ondine, an innovative new nail polish brand.
Water based formula with natural ingredients, easy peel off, dry fast, odour free with 86 colours available. Free delivery on pre-order available! 


Natural Ingredients

Feel better about how you treat your nails.

Little Ondine natural nail polish chemical free

Composed of natural resin, organic colourants and water. We’ve sourced the best minerals from around the world to bring you beautifully pigmented colours with a glossy, high-shine finish.



Easy Peel Off

Change your style with ease.
No matter if you have a big meeting during the day or a fun night out with friends.

Little Ondine nail polish easy peel off

Peel off your colour in one go without any hassle or chemical removers. Toxic and corrosive chemicals damage and dehydrate your nails. Whenever and wherever you want, you can refresh your colour based on your style that day or night by simply painting and peeling.



Odour free

Apply your polish anywhere
-bus, office or home.
No more horrible smells.

Little Ondine odour free nail polish no smells

Only using natural elements, Little Ondine doesn’t have a toxic smell unlike other standard nail polishes. Don’t be afraid to offend anyone when applying your nail polish anytime anywhere.



Quick drying

Save time drying when you are on the move.

Little Ondine nail colour naturally dries quickly

You should be spending your free time showing off your nails, not drying them out. Forget about all the tricks to dry your nails quicker. Little Ondine is water-based and after a few minutes you can be on your way.




Brilliant colours

Fun and stylish colours to match what you are wearing and where you go.

Little Ondine brilliant nail colours

Curated by our professional art team, our bright colours reflect the hottest trends and fashions in the market. Rich colour and smooth texture makes for beautiful shiny nails that won’t fade away.